Welcome to the Big Game Society of Nova Scotia web site.

The Nova Scotia Big Game Society, established in 1988, is a voluntary society dedicated to the preservation and conservation of big game in Nova Scotia.


  1. To keep an accurate record or trophy big game animals in Nova Scotia.
  2. To encourage and promote the conservation of big game in Nova Scotia.
  3. To encourage learning and understanding of big game and big game hunting.
  4. To develop unity and purpose among hunters in Nova Scotia.


  1. To promote sportsmanship among hunters.
  2. To promote and conduct special studies and research on big game in Nova Scotia.
  3. To advocate resources, policies and strategies appropriate to big game.


  1. The society functions through a board of directors, an executive committee, several standing committees, and various special committees.
  2. The standing committees are: scoring committee, special events committee, and the record book committee. Other committees are formed as needed.
  3. The Big Game Society is a member of the Nova Scotia Wildlife Federation.


Membership is open to any individual interested in preserving big game in Nova Scotia willing to assist in the search of trophy antlers in Nova Scotia.


  1. Active Member: Has full voting privileges and is entitled to sit on the board of directors.
  2. Scorer: Has full voting privileges and is entitled to sit on the board of directors. Must complete a scorer's training course.
  3. Associate Member: Is entitled to the benefits listed below:
    • has no vote and cannot sit on the board.
    • May serve on all committees except the scoring committee.


One year from the date of application.


  1. Active Member: $15.00
  2. Scorer: $12.00
  3. Associate Member: $12.00


  1. Opportunity to communicate and link with others interested in big game hunting.
  2. Participate in scoring days, shows, and seminars held throughout the year.
  3. Access to printed and audio-visual information about big game.
  4. Opportunity to advance concerns and take action through participation on committees.
  5. Opportunity to advocate concerns and to provide input into government decision making as it applies to big game hunting.
  6. Subscription to the Big Game Society Newsletter.




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